So Where is The Money?

Lifework Foundation - The Happiness Architects

Whenever we talk to potential students about the course, there is one question that keeps popping up more than any other: “So where is the money in Lifework?” Most people are conditioned to think that doing what you love just doesn’t pay. We are so hardwired to think that only years of hard, monotonous work can yield significant financial benefits, that it becomes virtually impossible for the mind to accept any other theory. There has been a number of studies conducted over the years about how long it takes to reach mastery in any particular field and the consensus is around 10,000 hours or roughly 10 years.

Now, if you are like me, you don’t have 10 years to turn your life around and begin doing what you love, especially when you don’t see any money in it. What a frustrating situation to be in! Well, one thing that…

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