Solving Problems With Love

Life + Love – Ego = Happiness

Lifework Foundation - The Happiness Architects

I wanted to elaborate on my previous post about solving problems with love with respect to relationships. This is where the technique really shines and can yield almost immediate results. Say you’re having issues with your spouse. Regardless of how the problem manifests, the root cause is always the same: you’ve been slowly and unconsciously taking your love out of the relationship.

No, I don’t mean that you’ve literally stopped loving them (although that may be the case). Love is energy, so you’ve been gradually diverting your time, your energy, your attention to other interests in life at the expense of your other half. The fix is once again simple: bring your attention and time back into the relationship and do it consciously, lovingly and systematically. Plan some alone time on a weekly basis, buy gifts that radiate love and appreciation, provide moral support and become a good listener…

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