Is pain also the result of violating the Law of Balance?

Keep The Balance

Lifework Foundation - The Happiness Architects

As we know, pain is the absence of joy. It can also be a form of punishment for violating the Law of Balance. Chances are, you are in pain because your needs are not met and you are not doing your lifework. As long as you love what you do and keep the ego in check, you should not worry about causing other people pain and vice versa. Major wars break out when entire nations violate the Law of Balance and cause enormous amount of suffering to everyone involved.

If you feel pain, it is a sign that your life is out of balance. The only true source of joy is love. If you only chase after short periods of happiness, you will inevitably experience pain as the other side of the duality gets out of balance. Love is the only thing that is beyond duality and as…

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