What are the benefits of taking your ego out of the way to achieve anything?

Understanding of Ego is a must do in today world

Lifework Foundation - The Happiness Architects

If there is only one thing you take away from this course, let it be this: in order to achieve what you want in life, your ego must get out of the way. It means that if you do things for the sake of appeasing your ego, such as increasing your self-worth, feeling superior to others, proving something to others, etc., you will inevitably fail and invite pain and suffering into your life. Most of the things we do in life are for the sake of the physical body, which is perfectly normal.

Living in a nice house, eating tasty food, enjoying sex, traveling – anything you can think of is done for the sensations that we receive through our five sense organs and have nothing to do with the ego. On the other hand, things like career advancement, recognition, power, etc. are done for the sake of inflating the…

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