How will my life improve if I begin to practice tolerance?

Lifework Foundation - The Happiness Architects

Hillary Clinton is a great example of what tolerance can do for you. When her husband was caught cheating on her in the Oval Office – out of all places – she did not file for a divorce or start a major personal or political scandal. Instead, she chose to tolerate the whole affair despite how much pain it caused her on a personal level. Ironically, today’s younger generation don’t even remember who Bill Clinton was. Hillary Clinton, however, is still one of the most prominent and influential people in the world. She is the only woman in the history of the world who achieved so much after her husband’s presidency and even became part of the president’s cabinet 8 years later after serving as the first lady. She is a brilliant example of what tolerance and humility can do for you.

Tolerance covers every area of your life and…

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