Why do we make same mistakes over and over again?

Alex Moses 101

I do not consider myself having too much life experience. I am only 45 years old, but I have spent a long time interviewing a lot of well educated people in their 80s who have had busy lives with a lot of traveling and meeting a lot of people. That helped me understand how powerful our conditioning is. (If you are not familiar what I mean by word conditioning please refer to the course “13 steps to Awakening.)

After the age of 13, we keep making the same mistakes over and over again and most people do that until end of their days.

Can it be changed?

Yes it can, but it is not easy to do. I call it awakening; some people call it enlightenment. It took me eight years to understand what it is and get results that actually made a difference in my life, instead of just…

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