Why You Lying ?

Alex Moses 101

Why you lying? It’s a bit provocative as a title. My first reaction is, I am not lying.

Why do we lie? One might say, you call yourself awakened so you should not lie, but I do and I lie a lot, not as much as I used to but a lot.

Let me give the 4 top reasons we lie:

  1. Self-esteem issues 
  2. To protect someone
  3. Make people feel better
  4. Belief system

Self esteem: Most of the time people lie because of low self esteem or lack of confidence. Most common lies: our age, weight, financial situation, quality of personal relationship, education. The purpose of those lies usually is to make us feel better about ourselves or maybe just out of our competitive spirit.

Protect someone: This one is out of humanity. You can see someone broke their hand in an accident and you say it does not look too bad, don’t worry about it, you…

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