Spiritual Awakening – The Meaning

Alex Moses 101

Spiritual Awakening – I use those two words a lot, and write about them at least three times a week. I even dedicated a course to it that took me almost 30 years to develop. Now that I have received comments, I realize some of my readers have a completely different understanding of the words, “Spiritual Awakening,” than I do.

I break it down into two parts to make it easier to understand –

  1. Awakening, means to be aroused from sleep. Sleep in the spiritual world means not being present in the moment or in your life. That’s when all your five senses work 100% of the same time and your mind is absolutely clear. It is a little complicated to achieve, but with work and patience you can reach an awakening, which gives you the feeling of total bliss.
  2. Spiritual, it is connection to a holy spirit through your own spirit. Once…

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