The Art of Awareness

Alex Moses 101

After years of experiencing what I would call catastrophic events, that culminated in the loss of every possession I owned; it became apparent that I had gone through a death.   Everything that I identified as me, was gone.  Along with that experience came emotions of fear, abandonment, depression, vulnerability, hopelessness, and too many others to list, but I think you can get the picture.  Years were lost, moving through all the feelings those words created.  It was a time that I would never want to repeat, but along the journey came an awareness that I did not possess previously.

All of a sudden, everything that I thought to be true was no longer valid, even down to my Spiritual beliefs.  Everything needed to go, I guess.  All that stuff that I was dragging around that was so important, all those earthly things, had to be eliminated, so…

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Purpose of Life

Alex Moses 101

I believe it’s safe to say at some point in our lives many have asked the question, why am I here or what’s my purpose expecting a never-ending bulleted regimen without giving a second thought to the fact that the answer is already known and it’s the same for each and every one of us; “happiness.” See while happiness may come in different forms based on each individuals needs, it’s FREE and easily obtained.

One of our greatest gift is freewill. It’s very simple. Either you make decisions based fear or happiness (love).

Happiness doesn’t just happen to you. You get the opportunity to choose. Create your happiness by choosing your thoughts and emotions. For every action, there is an equal reaction. What is it about the truth that we fear? I suppose blaming the world’s standard that we choose to live by is far easier than simply making a…

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First Conversation With Alex Moses

Alex Moses 101

Our first conversation (which I enjoyed very much) consisted of a variety of things. I felt a sense of ease to describe Alex the situation of my life currently. We talked about our Astrological signs, both Western and Chinese Astrology. Alex Moses a Libra/Pig and I am a Virgo/Horse; him and I are both dog lovers and are proud owners of one.

We also spoke about why it is I reached out to him, on his Blog at “WORDPRESS.COM”. The caption under your picture caught my eye, “When the Soul Awakens – The Search Begins”. I loved everything I read that he was saying about his life, and all his has persevered through, which is what makes him amazing in my eyes.

We spoke about “Balance” in our lives and how to find “Value” in what we do and give back. He asked me to find “Value” in our conversation and I can only find “Value” in the whole conversation. I found value and compassion in his phone call…

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About Your PARTICULAR Business

Alex Moses

I’m curious why you still did not accept my FREE offer to double your profits!

I can only think of three reasons:

One, you might think all this doesn’t apply to your PARTICULAR business. That would be a mistake. Our successful business owners cover more than 1,000 different kinds of  businesses dealing with consumers and business-to-business; local, national global; bricks and mortar or cyberspace; you name it – big winners in it are with us! Of course, you can determine this for yourself during your 2-month FREE ‘test drive.’ But I can guarantee: go through the our consultation  you will receive….. see the amazing success stories of the wide variety of business owners included…. and you’ll simply have no lingering doubts;  you WILL discover overlooked opportunities in YOUR business!

Two, you worry now might not be a good time to embark on new strategies.
Maybe you feel too…

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Spiritual Awakening – The Meaning

Alex Moses 101

Spiritual Awakening – I use those two words a lot, and write about them at least three times a week. I even dedicated a course to it that took me almost 30 years to develop. Now that I have received comments, I realize some of my readers have a completely different understanding of the words, “Spiritual Awakening,” than I do.

I break it down into two parts to make it easier to understand –

  1. Awakening, means to be aroused from sleep. Sleep in the spiritual world means not being present in the moment or in your life. That’s when all your five senses work 100% of the same time and your mind is absolutely clear. It is a little complicated to achieve, but with work and patience you can reach an awakening, which gives you the feeling of total bliss.
  2. Spiritual, it is connection to a holy spirit through your own spirit. Once…

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